Dress Code

VC9H9274-dresscodeA modest dress code is strictly enforced by all students and teachers at the studio. All clothing must be modest, with no spaghetti straps unless a leotard or sports bra is worn underneath. There are to be no bare midriffs, & no thong leotards. Sports bras are required ages 9+ or otherwise needed for modesty. All costumes will model these same guidelines and will be age appropriate. The following guidelines should be followed when dressing for class:

Creative Dance: Dress code- black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, skirt is optional (** Note: Skirt may be worn to and from class, but will be asked to remove skirt during class time). No tutus please.

Ballet/Tap: Dress code- black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes with elastics/no laces pls. Boys white T-shirt and black jazz pants. Black ballet and tap shoes. Also provide a bag for the tap shoes and students will keep it in the class. Please put names in your child’s shoes.

Ballet/Jazz: Dress code- black leotard, flesh colored tights, black capris or shorts. Flesh colored jazz, and pink ballet slippers. Boys white T-shirt, black jazz pants, black ballet & jazz shoes. Also provide a bag for the jazz shoes and the students will keep in class. Please put names in your child shoes.

Lyrical/Modern: A black leotard, black skirt with pink tights (or jazz pants). Jazz shoes or lyrical sandals are required for footwear.

Fusion: Dress code- any dance shirt, leotard, capris, dance pants or sportswear. Soft flesh colored jazz shoe and or dance sneakers of your choice.

Hip Hop: Students will need to wear black Capri-length stretch pants or sweatpants/shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes. No skirts or blue jeans please. Attire should be lose enough to move freely in. Long hair should be pulled away from the face.

Performing Company Class: Dress code- ballet slippers, foot undies, flesh colored jazz shoe. Any dance shirt, leotard, capris, short black skirt that moves. Not snug against the body. Dance pants or sportswear. Please bring a bag each class with all of the shoes. Also bring skirt, shorts, & loose pants to each class

Adult Classes: Comfortable dance clothes to move in. Tap shoes required for tap class. Tennis shoes for aerobics must be dedicated to class and may not be worn on the street outside the studio.